How to Find the best GMAT course?

How to Find the best GMAT course

The GMAT exam is usually attempted by individuals who aspire to gain admission into some of the top B-schools in the world. Most of these candidates are working professionals and hence have a difficult time balancing a full-time job, preparing for a competitive exam and managing their personal lives. Since such candidates are already occupied with so many responsibilities it will be difficult to attend coaching classes as well. These coaching classes will have stringent timelines which such individuals will have difficulties in following and may end up missing out on important sessions.

This is the reason why many candidates opt to study on their own or with the help of online coaching methods. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier for individuals to gain access to a vast amount of study materials from the comfort of their home. Such online learning platforms also provide ease of learning through visually appealing and stimulating materials like presentations, videos, graphical illustrations etc. However, there is a countless number of such online learning apps/ programs that are available but not all of them are trustworthy or reliable. Therefore it is necessary to be cautious while selecting the appropriate and the best GMAT course to help you study well and score high in the GMAT exam.

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Most students often wonder which mode of learning is better- online or offline? And which one of these two modes is more suited to their style of learning? This table will be quite helpful in making this decision a bit easier for you.

Factor Online/ App-based Learning Offline/ Classroom-based Learning
Convenience Allows you to learn at your own pace You have no option but to compromise with the pace that is set by the teacher.
Flexibility You get to choose the place and time of learning. There’s no option but to stick to the monotonous routines
Efficiency More efficient as travel time and costs are taken out of the equation. More wastage of time and money on travelling makes it less efficient.
Productivity A judicious use of the saved time leads to an increased output. Less time for learning leads to a sub-optimal performance.
Visual stimulation Interactive graphics make learning more visually stimulating. Classroom coaching can be more tedious and less stimulating.
Quality of education Online learning has ensured that quality education is within everyone’s reach. Despite the technological advancements, a student may still get deprived of top-class education because of his/her location.

Here are some of the elements that can be used for comparing the available GMAT prep courses and deciding which course is most suited to your needs:

Scoring Requirements

Each individual has their own score needs and requirements according to the universities they are applying to for admission. The cutoff scores for every university and for each course varies, hence you will have to take into account all of the scoring ranges so that you are able to achieve the score you are aiming for in the GMAT exam. You could look at the scores of the candidates who have previously attempted the exam using the particular GMAT course so that you are able to judge the quality of the mentioned course and accordingly proceed with selecting the same. You could also check on the plans the course provider to improve your GMAT score in the event that you have already written the GMAT exam once.

Learning Pattern

The learning pattern for every individual varies depending on his/her capabilities. This could be an influential component towards your decision of choosing the GMAT course for your preparation. You could check on the strategies which they usually use for teaching and whether it will suit your learning plan. Do they have explanatory videos/learning material available for all the difficult topics? If you have trouble with Quant topics then do they offer specialized learning for the same or similar for Verbal topics? These are some of the questions which you will have to clear before you finalize on a GMAT course.

Time Schedules

Although with online courses you generally will not have this issue there are some courses which offer online webinars or group sessions to clarify doubts of the candidates if they have any in the topics of the GMAT exam. You will have to ensure that the schedules of the same don’t interfere with your usual agenda of work, personal life etc. Another significant point which you will have to keep in mind is the time which they require to complete the syllabus, do they offer study plans for the time period you require? Are there extensive study plans available for every specification which the student may have – 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months etc. What is the average time they would suggest for a candidate to become completely equipped with the entire syllabus of the GMAT exam.

Study Materials

The appropriate study materials play a huge role in your preparation for the GMAT exam. You can ask for sample materials for each topic from the GMAT course providers so that you are able to determine the caliber of the content. Good study materials help you to learn in a more effective manner and grasp the fundamental concepts quicker as well. The materials which are being used should aid you to perform well in the final exam therefore be conscious of this important element while settling on which GMAT course you will choose.

Practice Tests

A good GMAT course must offer several practice tests/mock exams. These practice tests help you to understand your performance and your strengths and weaknesses. They will assist you to work on your weaknesses and improve them accordingly. In addition to the above practice tests also provide the benefit of becoming familiar with the testing conditions of the GMAT exam – Adaptive testing techniques, Time allocation for each section, Break patterns etc. You must check if the GMAT course you have selected offers adequate practice tests for you to use and help with your preparation.

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This is a key factor which affects your decision on which GMAT course to opt for your preparation. You will already be spending a considerable amount towards your MBA degree since it is an expensive affair to pursue the same especially outside India. Therefore you must be careful to select an option which is more budget-friendly and at the same time provides value for money as well. Check regarding the payment options which the GMAT courses have so that you can choose the one which is most convenient.

Therefore you can make an informed decision based on all the above factors and choose the course which is most suitable for you as per your needs and requirements. The best GMAT course is certain to help you prepare well for the GMAT exam and help you to achieve your desired score.

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