Reviews of the GMAT OG and other books

A crucial aspect of preparing for the GMAT is the selection of the study materials to learn the various concepts in the exam. There are innumerable choices available to all individuals, however it is necessary to be cautious before selecting the appropriate materials since not all the books are of good caliber. One of the best options for you to opt for while studying is the – GMAT Official Guide by GMAC. This book is designed by the makers of the GMAT exam themselves and hence the questions which will appear in this book will be in the exact pattern as they will appear in the actual exam as well. Another benefit which you will have is if there are any recent updates or changes with the GMAT exam then you can rest assured that the Official guide (which is released every year) will be the updated version with all the changes which have been implemented. The Official Guide, in addition to providing sufficient study materials for both your Quant and Verbal sections, will also have sample mock exams or practice tests which you can attempt. The level of difficulty for these questions will be comparable to the difficulty level which you will encounter in the GMAT exam. This will help you get accustomed to the same.

The 2019 GMAT Official Guide:

While there are no significant changes in this year’s edition when compared to the 2018 GMAT Official Guide, it is still recommended that you opt for this edition in the event that you have already attempted the exam using the previous GMAT official guide. There are about 15-20% new questions available in this latest edition and this will prove to be useful if you are planning a retake of the exam to improve on your scores. The Official guide uses questions which are used in the previous year question papers so you will get to practice and study using the same. You will also gain access to their GMAT online portal. The portal will have a validity of one year and you will get to access to their study materials online in digital format too. The official guide also earns its name as the best gmat guide since it contains insights on the AWA scoring pattern which is followed while scoring the AWA essays. This is one unique feature which is offered only by the Official Guide and not by any other study materials.

There are many modes through which you can purchase your copy of the Official Guide 2019. Some of the most popular choices are listed below :

  2. Amazon gmat official guide pdf
  3. gmat official guide flipkart 2019

You can read on about the GMAT new format review in the following section. As you would be aware by now, there are a few changes which have been implemented in the GMAT exam since April 2018. One of them is the reduction of the exam time by about 30 minutes overall. This means that there is a change in the number of questions in both the Quant and the verbal sections as well. The Quant section which previously had 37 questions now has 31 questions and similarly the Verbal section which earlier had 41 questions now has 36 questions. This also influences the amount of time you have to attempt the exam for each section, therefore your time limit for verbal will change from 75 minutes to 65 minutes and similarly for the Quantitative section it will be reduced from 75 minutes to 62 minutes. Although there has been a change in the above structure the GMAT exam has essentially not changed its syllabus/content of the exam and hence your preparation for the same should largely remain unaffected. The changes will actually, only slightly impact your pacing of the exam. As many of you would already be aware the GMAT has scored and unscored sections of questions in the exam. The Unscored sections are majorly used for research purposes only and GMAC has released a statement in this regard, mentioning that there is only a slight change in the length of the exam and largely the remaining materials/content of the exam remains unchanged. They have also stated that these changes have been introduced to improve the overall test taking experience for the students. However with the reduction in the overall test duration the GMAT is now only 3 hours and 30 minutes and may sound more appealing to candidates.

In addition to the above trustworthy and the best guide for the GMAT exam there are a few other notable publications which will also assist you immensely with your preparation for the GMAT exam. Some of the authors which you can choose are listed below :

  1. Nova’s Guide for GMAT pdf
  2. Barron’s Guide to GMAT pdf – Barron’s guide is yet another name which will aid you with your preparation for the GMAT exam. Although they are well known for assistance with several other competitive exams they do provide some help towards preparing for the GMAT and its various sections – Verbal, Quant, Integrated Reasoning etc.
  3. Kaplan GMAT preparation guide – The 2019 version of this guide contains a general overview of 1200+ practice questions and it also provides you with access to the online resources. You will be able to attempt upto 6 full length practice tests inclusive of a diagnostic test which will tell you about the progress you have made since the beginning of your preparation. It also helps to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in each topic so that you can accordingly work towards improving your performance. You will also be able to view video lessons on each topic to assist you with your preparation.

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