TAS – A Gateway to Win Management Stardom at Tata Group

TAS Byju's

Are you a current employee of Tata group or Tata Joint Venture? Do you envision yourself as a good manager or leader of the organisation without following the static growth? If your answer is Yes, then enroll for the Tata Administrative Services or TAS which is ideal for aspiring managers or future leaders seeking steady career growth.

Tata Administrative Services or (TAS) is a leadership program designed for the young talented in-house Tata group employees and the employees on permanent payrolls of Tata Joint Venture (except employees enrolled as Joint Venture partners); the group holds more than 100 independent companies.

Advantages of TAS

TAS program is a unique opportunity to learn managerial and administrative skills from the key decision makers and the leaders of the Tata group. The course aims at those candidates who possess leadership qualities and have a knack of solving corporation crises or challenges with quick decisions making skills. TAS is a platform that enables aspirants to groom themselves by offering cross-functional experience across industries as well as organizations, and by giving candidates national or even international exposure among many other perks.

Eligibility for TAS

The eligibility criteria can be summarized below:

Nature of Employment: The program accepts the candidature from aspirants who are permanent employees of the Tata group companies and Tata Joint Venture companies (except employees on JV partner rolls).

Educational Qualification: The aspirants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from the accredited college/university.

Service Provided Within Tata Group Companies And Tata Joint Venture Companies:  The aspirants should have minimum two years of continuous service in the group, till the date of applying. The ineligible candidates’ list includes personnel who are all Management Trainees / Graduate Engineer Trainees/employees of other structured group programmes who have served in the company less than two years from the date of TAS program begins.

Work Experience:  The maximum work experience required to get into the program is six years and minimum two years. At the time of selection process, the admission committee considers the minimum two years of appraisal cycle report within the group.

GMAT Score: The program accepts a valid GMAT score as an eligibility criterion. The candidate must keep a check on the cut-off marks which varies year to year. Last year the cut-off mark was 650.

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