10 Important GMAT Math Topics You Must Master

Mathematics is considered to be a methodical application of matter. Mathematics enables to create an in-sight in managing our daily life problems and prevents chaos. Few qualities that are cultivated by mathematics are power of reasoning, problem-solving ability, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, and even effective communication skills.

No wonder, for GMAT test we always confronts the questions like “What are the important topics to be studied for GMAT?” we enlisted top ten topics to be studied for GMAT:

Systems of Equations
Factors and Multiples
Percents and Percent Change
Coordinate Geometry
Overlapping Sets
Right Triangles

Genuinely, the above mentioned top ten topics may not push you to hit your GMAT score target of 700+. This list is helpful for those candidates who are satisfied with 550 GMAT score range. And to get into a top B-school your GMAT score should be in array of 700-780.

Advantages of Having A Good Command Over Quant:

We don’t deny the fact that for an engineer student, mathematics is like watching cricket while for a humanities student is not less than a nightmare. GMAT is standardised test for everyone and mathematics is an integral part of the test. If you have a good command over quant, it’ll give you the following advantages:

  • You can easily reach 700+ score in the test
  • It will give you the chance of attempting more and more questions
  • It can compensate your GMAT score, if your performance in verbal reasoning is not upto mark.

How to Gain Expertness in GMAT Maths?

Go Through Official Guide

Official Guide us like the holy bible for GMAT. Practice all the questions based on concept and experiments. Solve all the practice test, it will make you familiar with the pattern of questions asked in the test. And it contains the solutions which will give you the method to adapt while approaching the questions.

Take Mock Test

GMAT mock test is your real friends. Try to give mock test after every fifteen days. Mock test will help you in detecting your weak nerves and makes you accustomed to tackle the exam stress. And significantly the mock test score are a glimpse of the actual GMAT score.

Work More On Basics

The more strong basics, the more easily you’ll get the correct answer. If your basics are clear then without wasting time in long solution, you can easily solve with proper implication of shortcuts or tricks.

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