Data Interpretation Examples

GRE Data interpretation is perhaps the most basic section in the quantitative category of the Syllabus of GRE. Given below is an example problem for Data Interpretation.

Question: The total value is $340 million.

Data Interpretation Examples
On the basis of the pie chart given above, answer the following questions:

  1. Using an approximate value, find the ratio of the value of sensitized products to the value of still-pictures produced?
  2. If the value of office copiers produced was 30 percent greater than the corresponding value given, what would be the value of office copiers produced?
  3. Find in an approximation, the ratio of microfilm products to motion pictures produced.


  1. The ratio of the value of sensitized products to the value of still-picture products is equal to the ratio of their corresponding percentages as the denominator of percentages is always the same value, that is, the total value. So their ratio will be 49:10 or approximately 5:1.
  2. The value of office copiers produced is 0.25 times $85 million, or $85 million. Therefore, if the corresponding value becomes x million dollars, then 1.3x = 85 million dollars. Solving for x gives,x=851.3=65.39. Hence it is approximately $65.39.
  3. Ratio of microfilm production to motion pictures produced = 8:3
  4. Hence, it is approximately in a ratio of 3:1.

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