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Most GRE aspirants often struggle to find the right guidance required to crack the GRE exam. With the right coaching, the entire preparation process can be made less complicated and more enjoyable. Online mentoring can a help a student to find his areas of weakness and then help them to get rid of these weaknesses. This can be done by sticking to a preparation plan that is most suited to their needs.

Advantages of Online Coaching

Technology has truly revolutionised the way education is imparted nowadays. Quality education is no longer restricted to the privileged class. Even students from villages can make use of online platforms like BYJU’S to learn from the very best. The teachers at BYJU’S through their years of experience, come with up with easy and interactive techniques to make learning convenient for everyone. Here are some of the benefits, which gre online coaching is providing to the students.


Online courses let you learn at your own pace. You can watch the videos at any time of the day. You can give special attention to your weak subjects. Spend more time on your weaknesses, while still building on your strengths. Online coaching ensures that you never miss a lesson. Learn new concepts and try questions related to those concepts. If you have any doubts, you can discuss them with fellow students through various online forums.


Online learning provides a lot of flexibility, as you get to choose the place and time of learning. You can go through the free content and then decide which course you like the most. You can take mock tests of a difficulty level of your choice, depending upon the stage of your preparation.

Saves time and energy

Online learning can save you from a lot of stress. It saves a lot of time and resources as you do not have to travel to some place to get lessons. All the knowledge you need is just a click away from you.

Improves efficiency

The saved time can be used to do more productive activities like yoga, meditation etc. Doing some physical activity also increases the efficiency of an individual.

Individual attention

Through online preparation, a student can get an unwavering attention of his tutor. It would be easy for a tutor to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Special attention can be paid to the weak areas of an individual, so as to get a good overall score.

Interactive learning

E-learning platforms have been more effective at incorporating instructional design and sound in their teaching methods, which has facilitated the entire learning process by making it more interactive.


Online courses are less expensive as compared to classroom coaching. A lot of money can be saved as there are no travel expenses. Online learning has ensured that students from an economically weak background are not deprived of quality education.

High-quality content

Online platforms are providing high-quality content. A person’s location can longer determine the quality of education, which is received by that person as the same teachers will be delivering the lessons to the students present across all geographic locations. At BYJU’S, strenuous quality checks are conducted to ensure that the quality of the end product is world class.

Considering the busy and hectic schedules that people have, online education is the best bet. One gets to choose the time and place of his learning, which broadens the horizons of education.

Along with the right coaching, it is very important to follow the right preparation plan as well. Go through the points given below in order to make the most of your time:-

Study Plan

Step 1: Mock test

Taking a mock test before starting your preparation can be really beneficial. Give the mock test without studying. There are some subjects in which we are naturally strong. Similarly, there are those subjects in which we are weak. In case you do not know your weak areas, mock test will help you immensely to identify them. Then, you can target your weaknesses while also building on your strengths.

Step 2: Conceptualize

Learn new concepts, then practise questions related to these concepts. Doing rigorous practise of questions from easy to medium level will help you in retaining the concepts you learn. Find out the problem areas, by figuring out which sections (Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction) and which question types (Arguments, Idioms) trouble you the most. Give more time to learn and practise these concepts. Do not allow a chapter to be a dead weight on your score.

Step 3: Learn new methods

There is always something new to learn, especially when you are not getting the desired results. Learn new methods of solving questions, then try to apply those methods to the questions that you solve. They will help you to solve the questions faster. The time that you save through the application of these methods, can be used to solve some more difficult questions.

Step 4: Different approach

Your current approach towards solving questions is not getting the required results. So, make sure that you alter your approach. Learn different ways to approach the same questions. Learn to demarcate between the information which is essential for problem-solving and the information which is redundant. It will help you to improve your overall efficiency.

Step 5: Build on the concepts

Build upon the conceptual knowledge by practising some really challenging questions. These questions will put your application ability to test. Let’s suppose if you face difficulty in tackling questions related to sentence correction. Then again brush up on grammar rules and only study key GRE-specific concepts. Practice SC for twice the amount of time you spend on everything else, on a weekly basis.

Step 6: Execute and Evaluate

Start giving back to back mock tests in the last stage of your preparation. All that you have learnt, will be put to test during this period. Whenever, you come across a different type of question, make note of it. Take an online test series from BYJU’S to get a comprehensive assessment of your tests. Make sure that you devote more time to your weaker subjects. Stay relaxed as the D-Day approaches. Be confident about your preparation and make sure that you are able to recall all the important concepts.

There are things that can help you in increasing your efficiency, which will eventually end up boosting your overall score. You must keep in mind the things mentioned below, in order to get the best results:

Stick to the plan

Give more time to the topics that hold higher weightage in the exam. There will be days when you will not get the desired output. So rather than preparing a daily plan, follow a weekly or monthly plan. Fix the number of hours you wish to devote to each subject in a week and work accordingly.

Set realistic goals

This rule applies to your GRE preparation as well. It is very important that you do not set any unrealistic goals. A working professional may have a limited amount of time to practice every day. That person must make up for the lost time during weekends. But do not compromise on quality over quantity. Learning more topics every day will not help if you forget them the next day. Rather try to ensure that you are able to retain those concepts, by thoroughly practicing questions related to those concepts.

Rejuvenate yourself

While following a strict routine, it is very important to find time for things that truly make you happy. Do yoga, meditation or any other form of physical activity to stay in an active frame of mind. Take proper rest by getting at least 6 hours of sleep. Doing so will help in increasing your overall efficiency, as you will be able to focus better.

Stay motivated

During the preparation time, the motivation levels keep on going up and down. Tell some important people in your life about your plans. So, that they keep on reminding you of your goals. Talk to them when your motivation levels are down. Doing so, will not only help you to defocus but will also energize you.

Despite of the benefits offered by online coaching some students still like to take lessons in a classroom environment. For those students, BYJU’S provides training in some selected colleges. Students studying in those colleges can opt for these classes and learn from the very best.

Features of the BYJU’S GRE course on Tablet:-

  • 100 hours of offline lectures available in a tabDiagnostic.
  • Diagnostic Toolkit: complete analytics of your daily progress and performance
  • High-quality teaching by GRE toppers. Verbal – Mr. P.N. Santosh ( 338/340 ), Quant – Mr. Amith Ravindra ( 330/340 ).
  • 1500+ questions with video solution and in-depth statistics tailor-made to improve one’s score.
  • 5 mock GRE exams to simulate GRE experience
  • Classes: Live online classes in the form of webinars.
  • Membean software subscription to make sure you don’t just mug up words, but learn and understand them in the best way possible.
  • One complimentary counseling session for admissions.

Most institutes in India charge close to Rs 40,000 for GRE preparation. But, a comprehensive 6 month GRE course provided by BYJU’S costs just Rs 25,900. The cost of a short and crispy 3-month course is just Rs 19,900. So, make the most of this opportunity of learning from the best, at such low costs.

You can contact BYJU’S GRE coaching centers present in your city for more details. Details of some of our centers are as follows:-

  • Chennai Centre

Byju’s Classes

3rd Floor,

Sempurna Building, North Usman Road,

Chennai 560120

Contact No. – 91-9538991911

  • Bangalore Centre

Byju’s Classes

2nd Floor, Above Tata Croma

Nr Sony Signal, Koramangala

Bangalore 560120

  • Hyderabad centres –
  1. Byju’s Classes

    Kukatpally (Rest of KPHB)

    404,Manjeera Majestic Commercial,

    K.P.H.B Phase -1 JNTU-Hi Tech City Road,

    K.P.H.B, Hyderabad- 500072

  2. Byju’s Classes





  3. Byju’s Classes


    SAP OBJECTS, 207,



BYJU’S will be glad to help you in your GRE preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GRE from us by just giving a missed call at +918884544444, or you can drop an SMS. You can write to us at

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