Language Requirements for Admission Towards US

Language Requirements for Admission Towards US

The admission process for each university is different. Many of the universities require your GRE scores, a moderately good CGPA and some research work in the desired field. However, a certain part of eligibility requires you to show your proficiency in language skills as well. You need to provide a guarantee that you have command over the language spoken in the country. US colleges will require either a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score to be eligible for admissions.

TOEFL and IELTS are basically English proficiency test exams which you need to take in addition to your GRE exam. However if you are applying for a college in Germany, then there are plenty of colleges that require a certain level of proficiency in German language. For which you can join any course available online or offline. Most colleges would require a German proficiency of B2 level.

TOEFL eligibility for most US colleges usually begins from 60-65. Even the good colleges do not need a score higher than 100. Ideally your aim should be to score a minimum of 100 in TOEFL to be in the safe zone.

IELTS is more suitable for UK and other European colleges. It actually depends on what your college’s preference is i.e. whether the college requires TOEFL or IELTS. If both scores are accepted, then there are various factors that can influence your decision, which you can check on the following link – TOEFL vs IELTS.

There are colleges that might require other language eligibility exams such as PTE or Pearson Test of English, Academy.

To decide which exam should be attempted, you must check what the college requires. However, if you haven’t decided on a college yet, you can decide on the basis of your preferred country. Most US colleges will prefer a TOEFL or PTE Academic score. IELTS is generally more accepted by Australian and UK colleges.

To check the language requirements of the college, you can visit the college’s website and check for the language requirements section. Alternatively, you can mail the academic section of the college from the website page and ask for information.

However do keep in mind that, to get an admit, you must be able to cross the minimum requirements for language for that college. However, most colleges will give relaxation to submit a new TOEFL score if that is the only problem. Most colleges will give more weightage to GRE score and other factors such as research papers, Statement of Purpose etc in your final selection.

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