Masters in Automotive Engineering

They say that the invention of wheels changed the world for good. Wheels allowed humans to solve a great problem that existed: Mobility. As wheels evolved, human innovation evolved too. From travelling on bullock carts to now travelling on high-speed cars, airplanes, we have come a long way. The modern study of automobiles is called Automotive Engineering. It is one of the most exciting fields of engineering, with everyday uses and innovations which are applied at scale. The problems in mobility are endless as engineers today continue to make and innovate electric skateboard to ensuring safety and security of new forms of transport.

About the Course

A Masters degree in Automotive Engineering is designed to equip the students with key skills in mechanical and automobile engineering. It covers both technical and design aspects of the motor industry. Choosing the right electives during the course can pave your path into the desired field.

The aim of the course should be to:

  • Aid creativity and innovation of technology in terms of automobile.
  • Focus on correlation between project management and vehicle building.
  • Have plenty of exposure to real life case studies and project work.

For admission into any MS in Automotive Engineering course, the student should have a prior undergraduate degree in mechanical, electrical or automobile engineering, SOP(Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letter of Recommendation) and good GRE scores.

Research Areas

There is a vast array of areas in which one can choose to conduct research. With multiple new innovations in automobile industry like, electric cars, etc, a whole new set of research areas have emerged. Some of them are:

  • Clean Fuels
  • Autonomous/ Connected Vehicles
  • Automotive Communication and Software
  • On-board Energy Systems
  • Aeroacoustics and Noise Control

Careers after MS

Automotive engineers are involved in a variety of roles in a company. The processes which take the help of automotive engineers are production, design and development, evaluation of components and research. Some of the job titles that automotive engineers hold are:

  • Safety Engineer
  • Performance Engineer
  • NVH Engineer (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)
  • Calibration Engineer
  • System Engineer

There are much more variety of roles that are on offer, if the candidate specializes in certain topics like transmission, braking, chassis systems, etc.

The average salary of a automobile engineer is around US$75000 per year, according to payscale. The average salary of an automobile engineer in Europe is around 55000 euros.

The highest salaries were recorded in Auburn Hills and Detroit, Michigan, Texas in USA and in Germany in the European continent.

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