Options to Study in Computer Science During Masters

Computer Science has seen some rapid development and innovations over the years. Computers continue to become more powerful and faster than ever before. The digital age that we live in creates data every fraction of a second. This data can be used to get insightful information. It also helps in aiding & making business decisions.  

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Blockchain, etc. are ruling the markets and IT companies have great demand for people with knowledge on them. Having these new skills can highlight your strengths in the resume and can give you the confidence to succeed.  Every company values an employee who can provide them with niche services. An employee with an MS degree in Computer Science becomes all the more important as it certifies that the employee has a competency in that area. Therefore many candidates post their GRE exam have their top preference as a MS in Computer Science.

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Admission Requirements

For applying to a grad school, a candidate is required to present GPA, Statement Of Purpose (SOP), 2-3 Letters Of Recommendation (LOR) and GRE scores among others. In addition to all of the aforementioned,  many universities demand the students have knowledge on these three main courses during their undergraduate programs.

  1. Analysis of Algorithms
  2. Probability Principles and Techniques
  3. Computer Organisations and Systems

If the student has not taken these courses during the undergraduate program or has a lesser grade in these subjects, the university will ask the student to retake the course afresh in the college campus.

Most institutions welcome candidates who have demonstrated research pedigree by showcasing previous research work and participation in conferences.

Course Duration

A student is expected to complete the course within 2 years of admission. However, some students take 3-4 years to complete the course due to a variety of reasons. The maximum duration allowed to finish the degree by a majority of institutions is 5 years.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none” – This is exactly what any student shouldn’t become. Employers hunt the talent who are specialists in a certain field. With the advent of new technologies, almost every company is on the lookout for specialists.

All universities offer some specialization courses. Make sure you go to the website and check out if the university you want to apply to, has the specialization of your choice. Some of the specializations available are:


  • Artificial Intelligence


Also known as machine intelligence, it is the science through which devices interpret the presented data and take actions to maximize the output. These computer systems are programmed to perform the tasks that require human intelligence.


  • Computer and Network Security


The computer science experts in this field deal with the software vulnerabilities and security risks. The subjects that are taught as a part of this specialization are DBMS, Advance OS, and encryption techniques.


  • Data Analytics


Data analysts are responsible for storing, organizing and analysing large data sets. The students learn algorithms for data mining, setting up the database architecture, and distributed systems in this course.


  • Internet Of Things


IOT uses the internet connectivity to connect physical devices beyond the standard devices like computers, smartphones and laptops. These smart devices can be monitored and controlled from far off locations through basic internet connectivity


  • Mobile and Web Computing


Various aspects related to system design and theoretical applications of networking protocols are an integral part of this course. Some courses may also place special focus on the development of web or mobile applications as well.


  • Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics places an equal focus on computer science and biological science. The students are taught various methods for mining and interpreting data that is biological in nature.


  • Natural Language Processing


This field is based on technologies related to computer science, machine learning, and information engineering. It is mainly concerned with the interactions between computers and natural languages.


  • Human-Robot Interaction


The computer science graduates with a specialization in this field create the next generation computers and related technologies. These courses focus on improving the design thinking abilities of the students.


  • Information Management Systems


Management Information Systems are used by organisations for strategic, tactical and operational management. The major components of Management Information Systems are data, people, software, hardware, and business procedures.


  • Software Engineering


These courses give special importance to the programming languages which can be used for a variety of purposes. Subjects like computer systems, database management systems and compilers are also taught as a part of this program.

Whatever specialisation you opt for during your MS degree, all the yieldings will complement and enhance your candidature in the arena of job opportunities followed by lucrative pay packets. The knowledge gained during the course of your study will enable you to get a hold of your dream job, or maybe even boost you up to start your own company.

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An MS degree in Computer Science gives you a credibility in the job market of the technology field. You are expected to possess knowledge in your field of study and demonstrate skills pertaining to it.

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