Difference Between Density and Volume

Density and volume are scientific concepts pertaining to physical properties and characteristics of matter. Volume refers to the measurement of the amount of three-dimensional space occupied by an object. Unlike mass, volume changes according to the external conditions. Density refers to the mass contained in a substance for a given volume. It explains the relationship between mass and volume. It determines how densely molecules of a given object are packed into a given volume. Here, in the article, let us discuss the various differences between density and volume.

Density vs Volume

Density Volume
Measures the amount of matter present in an object Measures the three-dimensional space occupied by an object
Measured in kilograms per cubic meter Measured in cubic meters
Represented as D Represented as V
The density of a three-dimensional object is composed of two components – mass and volume The volume of a shape is determined by three components – length, width and height
Intensive property Extensive property

The listed were a few differences between density and volume. At BYJU’S learn more differences like the difference between mass and weight.

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