Difference Between Electric Field And Magnetic Field

The magnetic field is an exerted area around the magnetic force. It is obtained by moving electric charges. The direction of the magnetic field is indicated by lines. While the electric fields are generated around the particles which obtain electric charge. During this process, positive charges are drawn, while negative charges are repelled.

Electric And Magnetic Field

An object with a moving charge always has both magnetic and electric fields. They have some similarities and also have two different fields with the same characteristics. Both fields are inter-related called electromagnetic fields, but they are not dependent on each other.

Difference Between Electric Field vs Magnetic Field
Electric Field Magnetic Field
It creates an electric charge in surrounding Creates an electric charge around moving magnets
Measured as newton per coulomb, volt per meter Measured as gauss or tesla
Proportional for the electric charge Proportional to the speed of electric charge
Are perpendicular to the magnetic field Are perpendicular to the electric field
An electric field is measured using an electrometer The magnetic field is measured using the magnetometer

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the unit of the electricfield?

It is measured as newton per coulomb, volt per meter.

What is the unit of the magnetic field?

It is measured as gauss or tesla.

Electric field is proportional to the _____.


Magnetic field is proportional to the _____.

speed of charge

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