Management Of Natural Resources

We already learnt about what natural resources are and why the conservation of natural resources is important. Now we will learn about the management of natural resources. Natural resources like fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), water, forests, etc. are depleting at a very high rate due to their misuse. To conserve the natural resources, we need to manage them properly and make proper and just use of them. Management of natural resources is highly important both for us and the future generations. It deals with the management of resources like coal, water, soil, land, animals, trees, etc. It means taking care of the biodiversity, of the environment, of marine life, not just thinking of now, but keeping in mind the needs of future generations, so that the coming generation can also benefit from natural resources, and that we leave a better world for them.

management of natural resources

Management of Natural Resources Objective

The aim of natural resource management is to achieve sustainability by creating a healthy equilibrium between the following three factors:

  • Social factors: people, communities, etc.
  • Economic factors: employment, jobs, money, etc.
  • Environmental factors: animals, plants, biodiversity, etc.

These three factors are correlated to each other, and the only way to achieve a good equilibrium between all three is by managing the natural resources properly.

Our lives depend completely on nature. We need nature to provide us with sunlight, air, water, food, minerals, warmth, and shelter. Every individual has to see that these resources are being used properly and not misused. Suppose if you go and buy a product from the market, you should always think of the ingredients the product is made of and whether the making of this product has a severe impact on climate or environment or natural resources? If the making of product impacts the environment in some ways, then you should try to find an alternative for it. This can be a start. Management of natural resources is not just for consumers or producers; it is the duty of every individual and must be fulfilled. Now that we know the importance of natural resources, it is important to know more natural resource conservation methods.

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