Proton Mass

In physics, Proton is a subatomic particle. Made up of current quarks. Denoted by p or p+. Proton location is inside the nucleus. The charge of the proton is positive that is +1e elementary charge. The proton mass is slightly less than the neutron mass. Mass of proton can be measured using the units kg, MeV/c, and u (AMU).

Mass Of Proton

Mass of the proton is the sum of the mass of current quarks and the binding gluons. The mass of the proton is-

Proton mass mp = 1.672621898(21)×10−27 Kg

Mass of proton is higher than the mass of electron

Mass Of Proton In Other Units

The mass of the proton can be expressed in alternative units like – proton mass AMU, the mass of the proton in kg, proton mass MeV. The table given below comprises the value of proton mass and corresponding units.

Proton mass Value
mass of the proton in kg 1.672621898(21)×10−27 kg
mass of the proton in grams 1.672621898(21)×10−24 g
Mass of proton in AMU 1.007276466879(91) u
proton mass MeV 938.2720813(58) MeV/c2

Hope you have learned about Proton in atomic theory. Along with, the mass of the proton, Charge of the proton, the mass of the proton in AMU, the mass of the proton in kg, proton mass MeV.

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