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Rydberg Constant

In the science of spectroscopy, under physics, the Rydberg constant is a physical constant relating to atomic spectra. It is denoted by R for heavy atoms and RH for Hydrogen. Rydberg constant was first arising from the Rydberg formula as a fitting parameter. Later Neils Bohr has calculated it from fundamental constants.

Rydberg Constant Value

Rand electron spin g-factor are the most accurately measured physical constants.

Rydberg Constant Value,R 10973731.568508(65) m-1
Rydberg Constant Value,R 1.097 x 107m-1

Rydberg Constant In Other Units

In atomic physics, this constant is often used and expressed in the form of Rydberg unit of energy. Thus,

Rydberg Constant in Joules 1Ry=2.178 *10-18J
Rydberg Constant in eV 1Ry=13.605693009 eV

Rydberg Constant For Elements

The value of Rydberg Constant for Hydrogen, RH 1.09677576 x 107 m1
The value of Rydberg Constant for Helium, RHe 1.09722267 x 107 m1

Rydberg Constant Equation

The Rydberg Constant equation was showed by Neils Bohr using more fundamental constants and explaining relationships through the Bohr model. In the formulae for the wavenumbers of lines in atomic spectra Rydberg constant appears. It is a function of the rest mass and charge of the electron, the speed of light, and Planck’s constant.

\(\begin{array}{l}R_{\infty }=\frac{m_{e}e^{4}}{8\epsilon _{0}^{2}h^{3}c}\end{array} \)


  • me is the rest mass of an electron.
  • h is the Planck Constant.
  • c is the velocity of light in vacuum.
  • εo is the permittivity of the free space.
  • e is the elementary charge.

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