Unit of Displacement

The shortest distance between the starting and ending point is referred to as displacement. Displacement is mainly used to measure a vector quantity. Besides, when we talk about displacement, it incorporates both direction and distance and is basically defined as the measure of the shortest distance between two given points along a straight line. Interestingly, the unit of displacement is similar to distance. In this article, let us learn about displacement, SI unit of displacement along with other displacement units.

SI Unit of Displacement

Following is the table of units of displacement:

SI unit meter (m)
CGS unit centimeter (cm)
Dimensional formula [L]

Other Displacement Units

After knowing about the SI unit of displacement, let us learn about other displacement units. Apart from meter if we talk about rotational or angular displacement, some of the common units used are degrees, revolution, radian, vibration or cycle.
Conversion Table

Unit Multiply by In meters
1 km 1000 0.001
1 cm 0.01 100
1 mm 0.001 1000
1 Å 10-10 1010

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the SI unit of displacement?

The SI unit of displacement is meter (m).

How is displacement calculated?

The following are the types of light interference:
Displacement is calculated as the shortest distance between starting and final point.

Displacement is a scalar or vector quantity?

Displacement is a vector quantity since it has both magnitude and direction.

What is the CGS unit of displacement?

The CGS unit of displacement is centimeter (cm).

Express 1 Km in meter.

1 km = 0.001meters.

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