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Sound is a very interesting topic to study, but there are a lot of terms and concepts that students will have to go through. A sound unit is any acoustic unit of sound measurement. Having said that, we are breaking down the concepts so that students can get a better grip and understand the topics clearly. As such, we will learn about the units of sound on this article.

What is the SI Unit of Sound?

Sound is another form of energy that travels in the form of waves either through a liquid, air, or even solid substances. Since this energy can be measured, the most common SI unit of sound that is used is Decibel which is abbreviated as dB.

  • This unit is basically used to express the ratio of some value of a physical property to another, mainly on a logarithmic scale. This is called as Decibel Scale or DB Scale.
  • Moreover, the unit can be used to express different reference pressures or intensity. However, students have to make note that the sound intensity given in dB in the air will be different from dB in water.

Some Other Sound Units:

Some of the other sound units include:

  • sone
  • phon
  • Hertz (Hz)
  • watt per square meter (W/m2)

These units are used depending on what properties of sound we are dealing with. For example, sound intensity is measured in watt per square meter (W/m2).

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