Uses of RADAR

Uses of RADAR

We know that one of the core uses of Radar is to send and receive valuable information in the form of waves. RADAR is helpful in detecting incoming signals during war and also used by a geologist for earthquake detection. Archaeologists use this technology for detection of buried artifacts. It is also used to understand the environment and climatic changes.

Applications and uses of Radar are given below:

  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Space
  • Remote sensing of environment
  • Aircraft navigation
  • Ship Navigation
  • Air Traffic Controller

RADAR are used in Military

Radars have a wide range of usage in military operations. They are used in Naval, Ground as well as Air defence purposes. They are used for detection, tracking and surveillance purposes also. Weapon control and missile guidance often use various types of RADARs.

These are used in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, especially highway police, has extensive use of RADARs during a pursuit in order to measure the speed of a vehicle. Due to bad weather conditions, when the satellite is unable to get a clear image of traffic and barricades, then RADARs is used to get the desired results.

This technology is used in Space

RADARs are used to track and detect satellites and spacecraft. They are also used for safely landing and docking of spacecraft. RADARs in satellites are used for remote sensing.

RADAR is used for Remote Sensing of Environment

Just like various type of waves are received by an antenna. This technology are also used to detect weather condition of atmosphere and are also used for tracking motions of planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies in the solar system.

It is used in Aircraft Navigation

Ground mapping RADARs and weather avoidance RADARs are used in aircraft to navigate it properly. This technology enables an aircraft to ensure the location of obstacles which can be a threat to the flight plan.

Uses of RADAR in Navigating Ships

Ships are guided through high resolutions RADARs situated on the shores. Because of poor visibility in bad weather conditions, RADARs provides safety by warning threats. These ships often use this technology to measure the proximity of other ships and their speed on the water.

RADARs is used in Air Traffic Controller

RADARs are used for safely controlling the traffic in air. It is used to guide aircraft for proper landing and take-off during bad weather conditions. These type of RADARs also detect the proximity and the altitude of the aircraft.

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