Uses of Solar Panel

Energy from the sun referred to as solar energy, is captured by the solar panels and is then converted into electricity. The solar panel is composed of many solar cells. In this session, let us learn about the uses of solar panels in detail.

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Uses of Solar Panel

Solar Panel

The core uses of solar panels include generating electricity from solar energy. The photons hitting the solar cell lose the electrons from their atoms and with a proper attachment of conductors on the positive and negative sides of a cell, the whole can be transformed into an electrical circuit. Electrons flowing through the circuit help in generating electricity. Many solar cells make up a solar panel and multiple panels can be paired to form a solar array. In this session, let us learn about the uses of solar panels and their practical application in real life.

Uses of Solar Panels

Solar panels are used in various industries as per the necessity and requirement. The uses of solar panels are listed below:

  • Dairy: Solar panels can be used to generate power which can be used in the dairy industry for the process of sterilization, pressurization, concentration, drying, and boiler feedwater.
  • Tinned Food: Here, the solar panels can provide temperature which can prove useful for processes like sterilization, pasteurization, bleaching, and cooking.
  • Textile: Textile industry depends on the extensive use of solar panels for efficient use of solar energy. These are used for the process like bleaching, dyeing, drying, degreasing, pressing, etc.
  • Paper: In this industry, the use of heat is required for various processes and uses solar panels to provide heat for the process like drying, boiler feed water, bleaching, etc.
  • Chemical: These industries use solar panels for generating heat which is used for the production of soaps, synthetic rubber, processing heat, preheating water, etc.
  • Beverages: We can see major uses of solar panels in beverage industries for the processes such as washing sterilization and pasteurization.
  • Timber and by-products: Solar panels are used in the timber industry in the processes of drying, thermodiffusion beams, pre-heating water, and in the preparation of pulp.
  • Plastics: Solar panels are used to generate heat which is used in the process such as preparation, distillation, separation, extension, drying, blending, etc.

Apart from all these, making use of this kind of renewable energy by combining solar panels and making it into a solar array and connecting it with a solar inverter helps in taking the DC current from the array and using it to convert into AC current.


Utilizing Solar Energy: Solar Cells Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Cell

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Give examples where direct solar energy is used.

Direct solar energy is used for the following purposes:
  • Water heating
  • Drying
  • Distillation

Name the laws associated with black body radiation.

The laws that are associated with black body radiation are:

  • Plank’s law
  • Stefan-Boltzmann law

Name the device used to measure solar radiation flux.

Pyranometer is used for measuring the solar radiation flux.

What does the module refer to in a solar panel?

The module in a solar panel refers to the series and parallel arrangement of the solar cells.

What is the use of a pyrometer?

A pyrometer is used to measure the temperature of direct and diffused radiations.

What are the uses of heliostats?

Heliostats are used as reflector mirrors for exploiting solar energy.

What is the use of a pyrheliometer?

Pyrheliometer is used for measuring the direct beam solar irradiance.
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