Uses of Ammonia

Ammonia, is a common word that you often hear in classes or simply when you are shopping for household goods. Besides, this chemical element has some interesting properties as well as many popular uses which we will be looking at in this page. However, before we get down to the applications of ammonia let’s try and understand what this element is all about. So, ammonia is basically a colourless gas with a distinct pungent odour. It is found naturally in the environment mixed in air, soil or water. It is also present in plants, animals as well as humans.

Further, ammonia also called azane, is formed when Hydrogen and Nitrogen react. It comes with a molecular formula NH3. It is highly soluble in water. Apart from that, Ammonia is the second most manufactured substance in quantity after sulphuric acid in the world.

Common Uses of Ammonia

Talking about the uses of ammonia, it is the most important building-block chemical in the manufacture of products that people make use of every day. So let’s see where it is used.

  • Ammonia in Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Household Products
  • For Manufacturing Various Compounds
  • Metal Treating
  • Petroleum

Ammonia in Industries

Ammonia is used extensively in several industries. It is used either as a stabilizer, neutralizer or as a source of nitrogen to carry out several functions. Ammonia is used in wastewater treatment, leather, rubber, paper, food and beverage industries. It also is used in cold storage, refrigeration systems and in the production of pharmaceuticals. Ammonia is used in the printing as well as cosmetics industries. It is also used in fermentation.


Ammonia is used mainly in Agricultural industries. About 90 %of all ammonia produced is used in this field. Since ammonia acts as a rich source of nitrogen and other elements, it is used in fertilizers to basically sustain food production. It is also used in the production of liquid fertilizer solutions consisting of compounds like ammonium nitrate, salts, urea and others. And there’s more. Ammonia is often used as an antifungal agent on certain fruits and as preservatives.

Household Products

Ammonia is one of the main ingredients in a lot of household cleaning products. It is used as a cleaning agent and can be used to remove stains or clean mirrors, tubs, sinks, windows and more. Some other uses include antimicrobial agent or an antiseptic, and ammonia is also used as a fuel.

For Manufacturing Various Compounds

We find uses of Ammonia in the manufacturing of a number of compounds like nitric acid, Hydrogen cyanide, Ammonium carbonate, Phenol, Urea, Amino acids, and a lot of other items.

Metal Treating

Here dissociated ammonia is used in operations like carbo nitriding, nitriding, furnace brazing, bright annealing, sintering, atomic hydrogen welding and other operations.

Petroleum and Mining

In the petroleum industry ammonia is utilized in counterbalancing the acid constituents of oil which is in crude form. It also helps to keep equipment free from corrosion. Additionally, Ammonia is used in the mining industry for extraction of several metals.

These are some popular uses of Ammonia. To know more about the definition, properties, formula of ammonia you can keep visiting BYJU’S or download our app for interesting content and learning experience.

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  1. Ammonia is one of the main ingredient in a lot of household cleaning product