Application for Permission | Format and Samples of Writing Letter

Applying for leave in the office is a thing to worry about. Every time we apply for leave, we will have to write an application for permission to our higher authority. A permission letter is basically a formal letter written to our higher authority seeking permission for any particular event. Read the below article to check the sample letter of request for permission.

Just like every formal letter and informal letter, an application for permission should also maintain a format. Since it’s a formal letter for permission, it should be written in a humble and submissive voice.

How to Write a Permission Letter in English?

In order to write a permission letter in English, it is essential to know the basic application format for permission. Taking a leave, planning for an event, or any occasion, you will have to get permission from the higher authority. Gone are those days when we used to stand outside the staff room; now, we just have to write a letter to HOD/Principal for permission. Everything should be documented; therefore, we must write a formal letter for permission. To get a clear understanding of the format, we have provided sample letters of request for permission in various sectors.

To write an application for permission, you must include the designation of the receiver. The body of the application must be written in a humble manner.

Format and Samples of Writing a Formal Letter for Permission

To know the format of writing a permission letter, we have provided a sample letter asking permission for leave.

Sample Letter of Request for Permission for 10 Days Leave


Girish Nanda

HR Manager

UI Pvt. Ltd.


11th February, 2022

Sub: Seeking Permission for 10 Days Leave

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I, Aman Gupta, working as Customer Success Associate in the department of Customer Success, am writing this letter to inform you that I will have to travel back to my hometown for the emergency surgery of my sibling. Since my family needs my support, I will have to take 10 days off. I will make the necessary arrangements on my behalf so that the work doesn’t get hampered because of my absence.

I am expecting a positive response from you, and I shall be obliged for the same.

Thank you.



Aman Gupta

Customer Success Associate


Permission Letter to Principal from Parents

The Principal

HYG School

JP Nagar


11 February 2022

Sub: Application for Leave for 5 Days.

Dear Sir,

With utmost respect, I Sujay Ahuja, father of Amrita Ahuja studying in Class 6, section C, in your school, begs to state that my ward cannot attend classes from 15th to 19th of this month as she will be travelling to her grandparents’ place because of some medical emergencies. I will make sure she completes all the work assigned and can cope with the studies at the earliest.

So, I request you to kindly grant her leave for 5 days, as mentioned above.

Awaiting for a positive response from you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely


Sujay Ahuja

Father of Amrita Ahuja

Permission Letter for Conducting an Event



Name of organisation



Sub: Seeking permission for conducting ____ (event)


With utmost respect, I _____ on behalf of class/batch _____ students, would like to inform that we are conducting a/an _____(event) on ______(date). We have taken permission from our Class Teacher/HOD.

We assure you that there will be no disturbances because of the event, and we shall be responsible for any mishap. Waiting for a positive response from you at the earliest.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely




Class of ____

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for Permission

How do I write a letter to my higher authority for taking permission for leave from the office?

You can write an application seeking permission for leave in the office following the format of it. Make sure that the application is written in simple and polite language. Address your HR or your higher authority requesting permission for leave. Mention the dates of your absence.

What is the purpose of writing an application for permission?

An application for permission is written to seek permission from a higher authority to do something. It is a formal way of taking permission which is ethical.

How to be polite in the permission letter?

You will have to be polite enough while writing a permission letter. You can use words like shall, may, could, etc.

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