Difference Between Discovery and Invention

Understanding the difference between Discovery and Invention is the first step in categorizing the difference between the two. It is important to know what the exact difference between the two is so that you can categorize discovery and invention into two separate entities. Discovery can be defined as the recognition of something that already exists as something new. Discoveries usually occur when something has been found for the first time ever.

Difference between Discovery and Invention

It is essential to know the differences between the two. The invention can simply be defined as the creation of something new through one’s knowledge, hard work, and skills. Unlike discovery, the invention is the fabrication of something new entirely that can have its own uses and functions in the modern world. Understanding the history of transportation will give you a key insight into the stages of invention.

Difference between Discovery and Invention
Discovery Invention
The act of finding or exploring something new that has not been found before is termed as Discovery. The act of creation or designing of an object or a service that has not been found before is termed as an invention.
Discoveries are usually natural occurrences and are usually present until discovered by somebody. Inventions are man-made or scientific occurrences of objects that exist due to the willpower and creation of human beings.
Discovery involves the process of exploration of the world around us. The invention involves the process of experimentation.
Discovery cannot be patented. An invention can be patented by its creator.
Discoveries usually occur by accident. Inventions usually occur in the process of creation.

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