Difference Between Land Breeze And Sea Breeze

We all have felt the breeze in our surroundings. Breeze is often referred to as a gentle to moderate wind. These winds are categorized into two types. Namely – Sea Breeze and Land Breeze. Both of these breezes occur near huge water bodies. Though these both take place at the same place, there exist a few differences. Before discussing the differences, let us know what is sea breeze and land breeze.

Sea Breeze – Breeze that blows from the massive water bodies are termed as Sea Breeze. These types of breezes normally occur during the summer and spring season.

Land Breeze – The name says it all. The wind that blows from the land is either called land breeze or and Offshore breeze. This type of breeze normally occurs during the night and early morning.

Difference Between Land Breeze And Sea Breeze

Land Breeze Sea Breeze
The land breeze is shallow. However, the sea breeze is deep.
Land breezes are normally experienced during the winter and autumn. This is due to the cooler nights. Sea breezes normally occur during the spring and summer seasons. This is due to the consequential differences between land and water.
Land breezes’ pace span from 5 to 8 knots. Sea breezes’ pace span from 10 to 20 knots.
The temperature might remain the same when the land breeze occurs. Sea breeze tends to decrease the air temperature.
Land breezes usually blow dry winds. While the sea breeze contains more amount of moisture due to the particles absorbed from the water bodies.

Hence, both the land breeze and sea breeze occur near water bodies. But, the pace of the land breezes’ is slower than compared to the sea breeze. In addition to these points, the land breezes usually occur during the night, and contrary to that, sea breezes are formed during the daytime.

Hence, these are the key differences between the land breeze and sea breeze. To learn more, subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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