Difference between Mirror and Lens

Difference Between Mirror and Lens

Even though both these devices are used in optics, there is a difference between mirror and lens. The mirror is a device based on the principle of reflection whereas the lens is based on the principle of refraction. Both these devices are used in various industries such as photography or astronomy etc.

Difference between Mirror and Lens

The core differences between the mirror and lens would be due to their construction and working. The mirror is the apparatus which reflects the light falling on them. Whereas, lenses are the ones that manipulate light. The mirror is having one side of reflective coating. Lenses are classified into various types: simple lenses and compound lenses, and depending on the type of refraction image formed by lenses: concave and convex lenses.

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Difference between Mirror and Lens
Mirror Lens
This works on the principle of reflection This works on the principle of refraction
An ideal mirror reflects 100% of light An ideal lens refracts 100% of light
The uses of mirrors can be seen in houses, automobiles, solar appliances, etc The uses of lenses can be seen in astronomy and scientific industries, medical and research purposes, etc
There are three types of mirrors: plane mirrors, convex mirrors and concave mirrors There are two types of lenses: convex lenses and convex lenses
Mirrors have no focal point (plane mirrors) or only one focal point (spherical mirrors) Lenses have two focal points.


Lenses in Optics Compound Lenses:Thin Lenses In Contact
Difference between Reflection and Refraction Concave Mirrors and Convex Mirrors

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