Difference Between Scalar and Vector

Difference Between Scalar and Vector

Usually, both these terms sound the same, but there is a difference between scalar and vector quantities. Both these quantities are used to represent the motion of an object.

Difference Between Scalar and Vector

A scalar quantity is different from a vector quantity in terms of direction. Scalars don’t have direction whereas vector has. Due to this feature, the scalar quantity can be said to be represented in one dimensional whereas a vector quantity can be multi-dimensional. From the table given below, let us learn more differences between scalars and vectors.

Difference Between Scalar and Vector
Scalar Vector
It has only the magnitude It has direction and magnitude
Only one dimensional It is multidimensional
This quantity changes with the change in magnitude This changes with magnitude and direction
Normal rules of algebra are applicable here There is a different set of rules known as vector algebra
One scalar quantity can divide another scalar One vector cannot divide another vector
In the example of speed, time, etc, the distance between the points is a scalar quantity, not the direction Velocity could be an example because it is a measurement of the rate of change of an object’s position

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