Difference Between Stress and Pressure

The main difference between Stress and Pressure are many, however, they are both words that are commonly mistaken for one another. Pressure can mainly be defined as the amount of force that is exerted per unit area. Stress, on the other hand, refers to the amount of force exerted per unit area, experienced by a material. This is termed as stress and it is uniquely more different from pressure.

Difference between Stress and Pressure

Understanding the major differences between stress and pressure one can know the key separating points between one and the other.  We know that pressure is an external quality that affects the object from the outside while stress affects the object from the inside. In order to understand the effects of stress better it is important to understand, the relationship between stress and strain.

Difference between Stress and Pressure



Stress can be defined as the internal resistive force to the deformation per unit area. Pressure can be defined as the amount of force applied per unit area.
Due to stress, the pressure will not be developed. Due to pressure, stress will be developed.
Stress can be either a positive or a negative force The pressure is always a positive force
Pressure is exerted externally Stress is developed internally
Stress may be tensile, compressive and shear Pressure is always compressive

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