Difference Between Polar and Nonpolar

The bases of chemical reactions is the covalent bond between atoms or elements. It is the sharing of electrons between two atoms. It was introduced by G.N. Lewis in the year 1916. These bonds are directional and hence they get a definite shape. There are two types of covalent bonds. Chemical bonds exists as polar covalent bonds and nonpolar covalent bonds.


Strongest force and forms H bonds or dipole- dipole bonds. The atom’s electronegativity difference is less than 0.4. Polar bonds have high melting point, surface tension, boiling point and low vapour pressure. Polar molecules interact with other polar substances. These molecules have positive and negative charges on the opposite ends. Therefore they are electrically charged. Example: Sulphur, alcohol etc


Weakest force and forms Van Der Waal interactions between nonpolar bonds. The atom’s electronegativity difference is greater than 0.4. Nonpolar bonds have low melting point, surface tension, boiling point and high vapour pressure. Nonpolar molecules do not interact with other nonpolar substances. Does not have profusion of charges at opposite ends. Example: Carbon dioxide, pentane etc

To make you understand how polar and nonpolar are different from each other, here are the some of the major differences between polar and nonpolar:

Difference between Polar and Nonpolar





Has electrical poles

Does not have electrical poles

One end of molecule has positive whereas the other end has negative charge

Does not have profusion of charges at opposite ends

H bonds occur in polar bonds

Van der waal interactions between nonpolar bonds

At Least one polar covalent is present in all polar molecules

Nonpolar covalent is not present in all nonpolar molecules

Charge separation

No charge separation

Dipole moment

No dipole moment

Example: Water

Example: Oil

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