Symbol Ca
Atomic Number 20
Atomic Mass 40.08 g.mol -1
Discovered by Humphry Davy in 1808

Calcium Element Data

Group 2 Melting point 842°C, 1548°F, 1115 K
Period 4 Boiling point 1484°C, 2703°F, 1757 K
Block s Density (g cm−3) 1.54
Atomic number 20 Relative atomic mass 40.078
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 40Ca
Electron configuration [Ar]4s2   CAS number 7440-70-2
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What is Calcium?

  • Calcium with atomic number 20 is represented in the periodic table with the symbol Ca.
  • Calcium (Ca) is a vital element that aids our bones stay tough and capable of supporting our load.
  • Calcium is also used by our nervous system to help transmit impulses through our bodies.

Uses Of Calcium

  • The element maintains the vital for bones and teeth.
  • The element assists in the movement of muscles by helping to carry messages from the brain to all parts of the body.
  • The ions of the element act as carriers between cells in the form of multicellular life forms.
  • The element aids in assisting hormones to release along with enzymes.
  • This element is widely used in steelmaking because it tends to readily form compounds with oxygen and sulphur.
  • Several calcium compounds find use in the food industry (as food additives) and the pharmaceutical industry.

Properties Of Calcium

  • The element is the fifth most abundant metal in the planet’s crust (4.1%).
  • Important isotopes of calcium include 48Ca, 46Ca, 44Ca, 43Ca, 42Ca, and 40Ca.
  • Traced in large amounts as gypsum (calcium sulfate), limestone (calcium carbonate), apatite (calcium chloro- or fluoro-phosphate) and fluorite (calcium fluoride).
  • Dissolved calcium bicarbonate is found in hard water.

Certain Facts About Calcium

  • Since the Greeks and Romans, humans have known about calcium and compounds that contain calcium.
  • Romans made use of lime in their concrete and termed it “Calx.”
  • Davy was the original chemist to separate pure calcium in 1808.
  • Once the element is refined, it would turn tougher as a silver-coloured metal.
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