Symbol Kr
Atomic Number 36
Atomic Mass 83.798
Discovered by Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers

Chemical Properties Of Krypton

Group 18   Melting point −157.37°C, −251.27°F, 115.78 K  
Period 4 Boiling point −153.415°C, −244.147°F, 119.735 K   
Block p Density (g cm−3) 0.003425  
Atomic number 36 Relative atomic mass 83.798    
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes 84Kr
Electron configuration [Ar] 3d104s24p6 CAS number 7439-90-9   
ChemSpider ID 5223 ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database

What is Krypton?

  • Krypton is a chemical element and a rare gas of the Group 18 with atomic number 36 and symbol Kr in the periodic table.
  • This gas is almost three times heavier than the air.
  • It is colourless, tasteless, monoatomic, and odourless.
  • This gas is more plentiful in Earth’s atmosphere as its traces are present in minerals and meteorites. Earth’s atmosphere contains 1.14 parts per million of the volume of Krypton.

Uses Of Krypton

  • It is used in various electric and fluorescent lamps and also in a flashlamp that is employed in high-speed photography.
  • They could even react with the very reactive gas fluorine.
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