Symbol Ne
Atomic Number 10
Atomic Mass 20.180
Discovered by Neon was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers

Chemical Properties of Neon

Group 18 Melting point −248.59°C, −415.46°F, 24.56 K
Period 2 Boiling point −246.046°C, −410.883°F, 27.104 K
Block p Density (g cm−3) 0.000825
Atomic number 10 Relative atomic mass 20.180
State at 20°C Gas Key isotopes 20Ne
Electron configuration [He] 2s22p6 CAS number 7440-01-9
ChemSpider ID 22377 ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database

What is Neon?

  • Neon is reddish-orange coloured in neon lamps and vacuum discharge tubes and a second-lightest noble gas. It is less expensive refrigerant than helium in many applications. It’s refrigerating capacity is 40 times more than liquid helium and three times to liquid hydrogen on per unit volume basis. It is a rare gas, and its molecules consist of a single Neon atom.
  • It is chemically inert gas and non-toxic in nature. There is no threat to the environment and has no impact since it’s non-reactive and does not form compounds. This element cause no ecological damage.
  • It can create exotic compounds with fluorine in laboratories, being an inert element. It also forms an unstable hydrate.

Uses of Neon

  • The reddish-orange coloured neon lights are used in making advertising signs. It’s also utilized in these types of lights generally when many other gasses are needed to generate lights of different colours.
  • Other uses of neon include lightning arrestors, high-voltage indicators, television tubes and meter tubes.
  • Gas lasers are made with the help of neon and helium.
  • The electronics industry uses neon singly or in mixtures with other gases in many types of gas-filled electron tubes.
  • A mixture of helium and neon is used for respiration by marine divers in the sea since helium is less soluble in blood than nitrogen at high pressure.

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