Algebra for CAT Preparation

The word ‘Algebra’ is the deadliest word for any math haters and well, students have been facing the concept right from the middle school. But the bitter truth is, Algebra is one of the most important chapters in any competitive exam and it is necessary that you must be thorough and concentrate more on CAT Algebra to crack it easily and move towards your path of success steadily.

Algebra Definition

Algebra can be defined as the representation of numbers and quantities in equations and formulae in the form of letters. The topic of algebra is broadly divided into 2 parts namely, elementary algebra (or basic algebra) and abstract algebra (or modern algebra). The modern algebra is mainly studied by professional mathematicians. The basic algebra is involved in almost most of the mathematical and scientific subjects. The application of algebra is not only limited to science and engineering but is also used in medicine and economics.

Algebra For CAT

The CAT exam includes a section of Quantitative Aptitude in which the basic mathematical skills of the candidates are tested. In this section, algebra forms a crucial part as both direct and indirect applications are required to solve numerous questions related to geometry, number theory, etc. Sometimes, even questions on algebra are also asked which requires the candidates to be well versed with the topic to solve them.

CAT Algebra Tips

As algebra is a very crucial topic, here are some tips that might prove beneficial while solving algebra questions during the CAT exam.

  • Be thorough with the Basics:

Algebra is a topic which involves several formulae and their usages are required to solve the questions. So, it is suggested that the basics along with the related formulae should be thoroughly revised to be able to solve the algebra questions.

  • Surf wisely:

Instead of wasting a lot of time on unproductive websites, you should try solving questions that are available on numerous websites on the web. These questions are mostly the type that one can expect in the CAT algebra and some websites even give the important and frequently repeated questions. You can even download algebra for CAT pdf files and solve it to get a knack on the subject.

  • Understand the concepts and Questions:

Maths is a subject that requires a whole heap of patience and interest from your side. So, understanding the concepts of the sums patiently is very crucial to get a clear picture of what has to be done. Once you understand, it gets easier to solve the rest of the algebra questions as most of the questions follow a basic pattern. So, avoid mugging up and understand the concepts required to solve a particular question.

  • Practice Properly:

Practicing is the most important tool for preparation. With more practice, understanding the questions become easier and the application of related formulae becomes quicker. So, practice various questions on algebra and solve CAT Mock tests and previous year papers to understand the type of questions generally asked in the exam.

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