Deuteron Mass

Deuterium, also known as heavy hydrogen, is one of the two stable isotopes of hydrogen. In this short piece of article, we will be discussing more on Deuterium and its mass along with the differences between Deuteron and Deuterium.

What is Deuteron?

The deuteron is a stable particle composed of neutron and proton. As an atom, it is called deuterium and is denoted by symbol D or 2H or Hydrogen-2. Deuteron mass can be expressed using the atomic mass unit (amu) or electron volts(eV). Deuteron charge is +1e.

Mass of deuterium

Mass of Deuteron in amu

mD = 2.013553212745(40) u

Deuteron mass in MeV

mD = 1875.612 928(12) MeV

Hope you have learnt about Deuteron in atomic theory. Along with, the difference between Deuteron and deuterium, the mass of Deuteron in two units namely- Deuteron mass in amu, Deuteron mass in MeV.

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