Difference Between Cyclones and Hurricanes

In order to understand the difference between Cyclones and Hurricanes, it is important to know about their definitions first. They are different from one another, yet people always confuse one with the other. Cyclones can simply be defined as atmospheric systems that are capable of causing destruction. Storms are usually referred to as Typhoons or Hurricanes. As they are usually water based natural disasters, understanding the properties of water especially in the way it expands is important, to understand how hurricanes and cyclones work.

Difference between Cyclones and Hurricanes

Hurricanes differ from Cyclones based on the simple fact that hurricanes form and develop around and over ocean water. Heat and moisture provides the conditions for sustainability of the hurricane. Hurricanes are usually found near the tropical areas of the world. The center of the hurricane is usually the area containing the lowest pressure this is termed as the ‘eye’ of the hurricane.

Difference between Cyclones and Hurricanes



The rapidly circulating air with a low pressure center at first which is then accompanied by destructive weather is termed as a Cyclone.

A Hurricane is simply a cyclone with varying high speeds reaching it. This is termed as a Hurricane.

The rotation of a cyclone is counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

The rotation of a hurricane is clockwise in the southern hemisphere and rotates counterclockwise in northern hemisphere.

The scale used for measuring cyclones are termed as the Beaufort scale which are capable of measuring high speeds upto 300 kph.

Hurricanes on the other hand are measured on a different scale and the intensity of the overall damage increases from 1 to 5.

The region most affected by Cyclones is the Pacific Ocean region.

The region most affected by Hurricanes is the Caribbean Sea region

The frequency of cyclones are around 10-14 every year.

The frequency of hurricanes are around 10-15 every year.

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