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Difference Between Motor and Generator

Difference Between Motor and Generator

Difference between motor and generator is probably the most common question from the electricity topic of physics. In this article, the main differences between electric motor and generator are given here. The motor and generator difference given here is in tabular form for better understanding and clarity.

Before moving to the differences between a motor and generator, it is important to know what they are. Their functions, structure and other related details. To learn more about an electric motor and generator, visit the links given below.

Difference Between Motor and Generator

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Differentiating Property





An electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.

An electric generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.`



Electric motor follows Fleming’s left-hand rule.

Electric generator follows Fleming’s right-hand rule.



The working principle of a motor is based on the current-carrying conductor that experiences a force when it is kept in the magnetic field.

The working principle of generator is based on electromagnetic induction.


Driving force for shaft

The shaft of an electric motor is driven by a magnetic force which is developed between the armature and field.

The shaft of an electric generator is connected to the rotor which is driven by a mechanical force.


Current Usage

In a motor, current is supplied to the armature winding.

In a generator, current is produced in the armature winding.



Ceiling fans, cars, etc. are all examples of motor.

In power stations, generator is used to generate electricity.

These were the main motor and generator differences that can be asked in the exams. Students aspiring for engineering courses are required to get acquainted completely with the concepts of motors and generators. Check the articles given below to get additional information about generators and motors with their principles.

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