Difference Between Two Stroke And Four Stroke

The difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engine cycle lies in the movement of the crankshaft and piston. In the article, let us learn more differences between them.

Difference Between Two Stroke and Four Stroke

What is a Two-Stroke Engine?

A two-stroke engine is an engine that completes a power cycle with two strokes of the piston during only one crankshaft revolution.

What is a Four-Stroke Engine?

A four-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft.

Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke

Two Strokes

Four Strokes

It has one revolution of the crankshaft during one power stroke It has two revolutions of the crankshaft during one power stroke
It generates high torque It generates less torque
Its uses port for fuel’s outlet and inlet It uses valves for outlet and inlet of a fuel
Its engines result in lesser thermal efficiency Its engines result in higher thermal efficiency
It has a larger ratio in terms of power to weight It has a lesser ratio in terms of power to weight
It generates more smoke and shows less efficiency It generates less smoke and shows more efficiency
Requires more lubricating oil as some oil burns with the fuel Requires less lubricating oil
Due to poor lubrication, more wear and tear occurs Less wear and tear occurs
Engines are cheaper and are simple for manufacturing Engines are expensive due to lubrication and valves and are tough to manufacture
Engines are basically lighter and are noisy Engines are basically heavier because its flywheel is heavy and are less noisy

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