How To Make A Magnet

It is always fun to watch and play with a magnet. The way it attracts certain objects and the way it repels makes it an outstanding object. A magnet is an object which is capable of producing magnetic fields and attracts ferromagnetic materials and repels other materials.

We find magnets incorporated into devices which we use daily like TV, refrigerators, sound speakers, radios, and many more. Magnets are used to lift heavy objects which are humanly impossible. Magnets are used inside a generator to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.

When a small piece of the magnet is brought in contact with the iron filings, all filings are attracted by the ends of the magnet and these ends are referred to as poles. A magnet features two poles; like pole and unlike pole namely. Like poles repel while unlike poles attract. The magnetic force between the two magnets is greater when the distance between these magnets is lesser.

There are three types of magnets:

  • Permanent magnet
  • Temporary magnet
  • Electromagnets

When ferromagnetic materials like nickel and iron are exposed to a magnetic field, magnets are produced. When metals are heated to certain temperatures, they get permanently magnetized. Magnets can be prepared using different processes. Let us know how to make a magnet using various processes.

Make Your Own Magnet

How To Make Paper Clip Magnet

This is the simple technique of making a magnet. It is a temporary way of making the magnet. We can turn a simple paperclip into a magnet that can attract objects.

Materials required: paperclip, a refrigerator magnet, tiny pieces of metals.

Step 1: collect metal pieces like nails, clips and other objects.

Step 2 : Rub the paperclip on a refrigerator magnet back and forth many times in the same direction. Rub the paperclip in a fast manner as many times as you can.

Step 3: Now remove the paperclip in contact with the magnet and bring in contact with the smaller piece of metal.

Step 4: You can see that the paperclip can now attract the metal pieces.

Step 5: Check the power of the magnet by attracting more metal pieces with the paperclip turned magnet.

How to Make Electromagnets

By passing electricity through the metal piece, a magnetic field is created and the metal piece is turned into a magnet. The power of the magnetic field can be altered by controlling the electric supply.

Materials required: a big iron nail, D-cell battery, 3 feet thick covered copper wire, Wire strippers masking tape, and small objects like paper clips or buttons.

Step 1: Using the stripper, remove the insulation of the wire for a few centimeters. The insulation removed part of the wire will be wrapped around the ends of the battery.

Step 2: Wrap the tip of the nail tightly with the wire. Each wrap around the nail should not overlap on each other. Wrap until the nail is covered from head to tip for approximately about 8 inches from the end of the wire.

Note: Ensure the wrapping of the wire is done in the same direction on the nail in the downward direction since to establish a magnetic field, electricity should pass in the same direction. Refer to the picture as shown below.

Step 3: Wrap one end of the non-insulated wire around the battery. Use masking tape to stick the wires on the battery.

Step 4: Electricity flows through the nails when the ends are attached to the battery. So be careful when connecting the ends of the wire to the battery.

Step 5: Nail gets magnetized when electricity passes through it.

Step 6: Place small metal objects like a paperclip near the magnetized nail, you can see that the paperclip gets attracted to the nail.

How to Make a Compass Magnet

We know a compass is used to indicate the direction. Any metal which can be magnetized can be made into a compass. A needle of a straight pin can be turned into a compass.

Materials required: magnet, needle, a bowl of water and cross-section of cork, nails and paperclips

Step 1: Rub the needle using a magnet. It creates a small electric current. Rub the needle back and forth in the same direction for 50 times.

Step 2: Pierce the needle into the cork so that the needle comes out the other side. Make sure the needle protrudes equally from both sides of the cork.

Place the magnetized needle pierced into the cork on the surface of the water in the bowl. You can observe that the needle aligns itself from north and south along the poles.

Note: If it does not align. Repeat the process and rub the needle against the magnetizer with greater force for some more time.

Hope you understood how to make a magnet and the process of making various types of magnets. To know more about various experiments for engaged learning, visit BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Frequently Asked Questions on Magnet

What is a magnet?

An object which is capable of producing magnetic fields and attracts ferromagnetic materials and repels other materials.

What are the types of magnets?

  • Permanent magnet
  • Temporary magnet
  • Electromagnets

Why is cork used in making compass magnets?

Since it is light in weight, it can float easily on the water.

Can magnets be produced by passing electricity through a metal piece?


Name the appliances that use magnets.

TV, Sound speakers, radios, refrigerators, and generators.

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