Physics Numericals For Class 11


Practising numericals helps learners to enhance their knowledge about the subject and increases their speed of understanding and solving the problems. Each physics laws has different set of equation which can only be understood if a student solve numericals which contain real life application of that topic.

Student should first refer to the recommended textbooks and solve each and every example of Physics topics. Class 11 physics has numericals for chapters such as Units and Measurements, Laws of Motion, Work Power Energy, Mechanical Properties of Solid and Fluid, Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Waves etc. Scoring good marks in class 11 Physics will help students to have a better understanding class 12 concepts of Physics.

Here at BYJU’S we have covered entire set of important numericals of Physics for class 11 along with the solution for each set. It will help students to easily understand the concepts and prepare for their exams.


Practise This Question

Figure shows a smooth curved track terminating in a smooth horizontal part. A spring of spring constant 400 N/m is attached at one end to a wedge fixed rigidly with the horizontal part. A 40 g mass is released from rest at a height of 4.9 m on the curved track. Find the maximum compression of the spring. (g = 9.8 m/s2)