Relation Between Bar and Atm

The pressure is expressed in many units across the globe. Bar and Atm are the units representing pressure. A pascal is one newton of force acting on the 1m2 area. It (atm) is used to express atmospheric pressure. The relation between bar and atm is useful in solving the problem.

What is the Relation Between Bar and Atm?

The units for pressure (Pressure is the force against a surface: Formulated as force per area) bar and atm relation can be mathematically expressed as:

Bar to atm formula 1 bar = 0.986923 atm
atm to bar formula 1 atm = 1.01325 bar

In order to understand the relation. It is important to know the terms individually.

Definition Symbol Formula Fundamental unit
1 atm The pressure exerted by the column atmosphere at sea level. atm 1atm=101.325kPa atm=kg/m.s2
1 Bar Unit of pressure almost similar to atmosphere unit bar 1bar=100,000N/m2 bar=kg/m.s2

Bar to Atm Conversion 

Conversion from Bar to atm is useful in solving problems. Refer the table given below for some commonly used values of pressure in Bar scale and its equivalent value in atm scale.

Pressure in bar Pressure in atm
1 bar 0.986923 atm
2 bar 1.97385 atm
3 bar 2.96077 atm
4 bar 3.94769 atm
5 bar 4.93462 atm
6 bar 5.92154 atm
7 bar 6.90846 atm
8 bar 7.89539 atm
9 bar 8.88231 atm
10 bar 9.86923 atm

Atm to Bar Conversion 

Refer the table given below for some commonly used values of pressure in atm scale and its equivalent value in bar scale.

Pressure in Atm Pressure in Bar
1 atm 1.01325 bar
2 atm 2.0265 bar
3 atm 3.03975 bar
4 atm 4.053 bar
5 atm 5.06625 bar
6 atm 6.0795 bar
7 atm 7.09275 bar
8 atm 8.106 bar
9 atm 9.11925 bar
10 atm 10.1325 bar

Hope you understood the relation and conversion of Bar and atm the units of pressure in physics and many meteorological disciplines.

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