Relation Between Gauss And Tesla

The magnetic induction is expressed in Gauss or Tesla. The gauss from Centimeter Gram- Second(CGS) system corresponds to the Tesla of the International System of units(SI). The relation between Gauss and Tesla is useful in solving the problem.

Gauss and Tesla Formula

The units of the magnetic field or magnetic flux density, Gauss and Tesla relation can be mathematically expressed as-

Tesla to Gauss formula

1 Tesla = 104 gauss

Gauss to Tesla formula

1 gauss = 10-4 Tesla

In order to understand the relation. It is important to know the terms individually.




Fundamental unit

1 Gauss

One maxwell per square cm




1 Tesla

One weber per meter square





T= kg.A-1.s-2

Conversion of Gauss and Tesla

The relation between Gauss and Tesla should not be expressed as equations. They are correspondences. The key difference is that-

  • The gauss is the unit of magnetic flux density in the CGS system which is the family of three-dimensional units systems.
  • Which means that Gauss can be solely expressed using centimeter, gram, and second.
  • Tesla is used to express magnetic flux density in SI unit, which is a seven-dimensional system.
  • Which means that Tesla cannot be expressed with just, meter, kilogram, and second.

It includes the fourth-dimensional electromagnetic unit, that is the unit of electricity.

Below table contains some of the commonly used values of magnetic flux density



1 Tesla in gauss

1tesla = 10,000 gauss

100 gauss to Tesla

100 gauss= 0.01 Tesla

Hope you understood the relation and conversion between Tesla and Gauss.

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