Types of Current

Types of Current

We are aware that current is referred as flow of electrons. We have various types of current which are used in everyday activities.

Various types of current are given below:

  • Steady Current
  • Varying Current
  • Direct Current
  • Alternating Current
  • Instantaneous Current

Steady Current

Here, the magnitude of current does not change with respect to time. These currents flow in a continuous loop. If a graph is plotted between current and time, the variations will result in a straight line.

Varying Current

Here, the magnitude of current changes with respect to time but the direction is constant.

Direct Current

Here, the magnitude of current remains constant and the current flows in one direction. Direct current can also be obtained from an alternating current power supply with uses of rectifier. It can be converted into an alternating current with the use of an inverter or a set of motor-generator.

Alternating Current

Here, magnitude of current changes continuously and the direction of current changes periodically. The current is represented by a sine curve or cosine curve. Alternate current is generally used to power applications because it can be transformed from higher voltage level to lower voltage level.

Instantaneous Current

It referred to the value of current at a particular instant in time. It is characterised into two types Charging and discharging current. Here, the rate of flow varies with time The time considered is very small such as a millisecond.

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