Uses of Battery

Uses of Battery

Uses of Battery includes providing backup power during power outage. At home, the batteries are typically wired to electrical appliances. If power goes down these appliances still receives power. For example, many customers have energy rates that changes based on the time of the day. Batteries can help these customers manage their energy by storing energy during low cost times and discharging energy during high cost times. Batteries can store energy from solar and wind and discharge it when it is needed the most.

Applications and uses of batteries are given below:

  • House
  • Health Instruments
  • Medical
  • Logistics and construction
  • Firefighting and Emergency
  • Military

Batteries are used inside the House

Disposable batteries power things like remote controls, torch lights etc. Rechargeable batteries such as alkaline batteries are used in digital cameras, handheld video game consoles, cellphones and many more. Advanced batteries like lithium batteries power appliances that draw too much power such as laptops and other devices.

It is used in Health Instruments

Artificial limbs, hearing aids, insulin pumps,valve assistance devices uses batteries. Mercury battery can be useful for photographic light meters and electronic devices such as real time clock of appliances.

Uses of Batteries in Medical

ECG heart monitor are hooked up with battery so that it can be moved with the patient and is always ON for showing the patient’s vitals. In hospitals, rechargeable batteries such as lithium- ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries are used.

These are used in Logistics and Construction

Heavy duty batteries are used to power devices such as forklift because exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide while combustion might prove dangerous in confined work areas. Lead acid battery is used for starting, lighting and ignition of automobiles.

These are used in Firefighting and Emergency Response

Batteries are used in radios which is very important for emergency response. These radios use large batteries in order to hold large charge. ECGs, flashlights and even metal or fire detectors use batteries. Everyday these devices help to save lives.

Batteries use in Military Operations

Batteries power the radios which are used to communicate. Even the night vision, infrared goggles are powered by batteries. Lithium provides much longer life to devices and silver oxide batteries are used in military and submarines.

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