Rocket Science

Rocket Science


This experiment is an simple example of application of pressure where it can be experimented with a use of simple household things.


  • A paint or a water coloring. It is optional.
  • A container of Water.
  • Blue- Tak, small piece
  • A photo film canister. One can get in a old camera shops for free.
  • A tablet – Alka Seltzer.


  • Remove the cap of a cannister. Paste the blue-tak inside the camera film cannister.  
  • Now paste the alka seltzer carefully to the blue-tak.
  • Add water to the cannister. Note it should be filled just half the cannister.
  • Close the lid tightly.
  • Now you have fully loaded pocket rocket.
  • Invert the canister (upside down ) and once done step back.


Once the above procedure is done carbon-dioxide starts releasing as AlKa Seltzer dissolves. Gradually there will an increase in the amount of carbon-dioxide released. Since the camera film canister is airtight, there isn’t any gap to escape. As a result pressure will be created within the cannister. Finally it pops out.  

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