Rocket Science

Rocket Science


This experiment is an simple example of application of pressure where it can be experimented with a use of simple household things.


  • A paint or a water coloring. It is optional.
  • A container of Water.
  • Blue- Tak, small piece
  • A photo film canister. One can get in a old camera shops for free.
  • A tablet – Alka Seltzer.


  • Remove the cap of a cannister. Paste the blue-tak inside the camera film cannister.  
  • Now paste the alka seltzer carefully to the blue-tak.
  • Add water to the cannister. Note it should be filled just half the cannister.
  • Close the lid tightly.
  • Now you have fully loaded pocket rocket.
  • Invert the canister (upside down ) and once done step back.


Once the above procedure is done carbon-dioxide starts releasing as AlKa Seltzer dissolves. Gradually there will an increase in the amount of carbon-dioxide released. Since the camera film canister is airtight, there isn’t any gap to escape. As a result pressure will be created within the cannister. Finally it pops out.  

Practise This Question

Regarding benzene diazonium fluoroborate, correct statements are

A.Prepared from aniline by diazotization followed by treating the salt with HBF4

B.Fluorobenzene is obtained by direct fluorination of benzene with F2 gas

C.Unstable at room temperature and soluble in water

D.Stable at room temperature and insoluble in water