Common Mistakes Students should avoid in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam

Common Mistakes Students should avoid

The class 12 board exam is an important exam playing a crucial part in the future of every student. Thus giving your best for the upcoming CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam is pivotal. Even still students make mistakes during this crucial exam but as they say “to err is human; to forgive, divine”. Even Though making mistakes is in our human nature, their occurrence can be severely reduced with practice. Most of the mistakes that students make are silly and easily avoidable. Let us look at the ways how these mistakes which most students make for their class 12 chemistry board exam can be avoided.

The mistakes that students make for the chemistry exam can be categorized under the classifications of physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry.

  • Physical chemistry:
    • Students forget to write the working formula of the chemical reaction at hand.
    • Students also write improper units without checking their compatibility.
    • Calculation errors when doing problems
    • Students forget to put in the correct data they used in the working formula, which is used by teachers to check how much effective the students learning is.
    • A chemical law stated by someone cannot be restructured, it should be reiterated like how it was stated.
    • While drawing a graph, students forget to state the variables of the graph and just plot the graph.
    • For questions which require the reason for a certain condition, firstly students are required to state the cause of the condition and then the consequence of the condition.
  • Inorganic Chemistry:
    • While representing the structure of a substance students make certain mistakes like:
      • Forget to represent the lone pair of electrons
      • Only drawing the structure of a molecule and do not write it when asked the geometry and vice versa.
    • While writing the equation of a chemical reaction, students tend to
      • Not balance the chemical reaction
      • Write the chemical equation when asked the observations of a reaction.
    • Students tend to forget to give the consequence and cause of a phenomenon when asked to reason it.
    • Students also lose marks when they forget to mention the principle when explaining a process.
  • Organic Chemistry:
    • Students often make mistakes when writing the IUPAC nomenclature of the organic compound in context. They make mistakes like using -al suffix instead of – ol. Also, they make mistakes in finding the right alkyl group.
    • Students also often confuse the name mentioned in the question paper and start working on problems with the wrong data.
    • Students also tend to forget to mention the reagents involved in the reaction.

While writing the exam, candidates should also remember to stick within the word limit and to stay on point as longer and unnecessary explanations are not entertained.

Key points are jumbled in between large paragraphs which often deter the teachers in evaluating the paper. Thus, important points must be highlighted.

Students often lose their way when they come across a difficult question. They spend too much time on the question often losing sight of the rest of the questions in the test. Students must have a specific time allotted for each and every question and if one question takes too long, they should know that they are wasting precious time and marks.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the major blunders students make when writing their CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam.

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