Uses of Polyester

Polyesters are a class of polymers that consist of esters in their primary chain. These polymers are widely used in clothing. In fact, polyester fibres are often used in combination with natural fibres in order to impart certain properties to the clothing. A detailed list of the uses of polyester is provided in this article.

What are the Uses of Polyester?

  • Polyesters are widely used in clothing fabrics. Several types of clothing apparel are woven from polyester yarns or polyester threads. Examples include polyester shirts, polyester jackets, polyester pants, and polyester hats.
  • Polyester is also employed in the manufacture of many home furnishing materials such as bedsheets, curtains, blankets, and pillowcases.
  • Polyester is also used in upholstered furniture.
  • Another important application of this polymer is in the manufacture of mouse pads.
  • Polyester is known to play a vital role in the manufacture of certain types of car tyre reinforcements.
  • It is not uncommon for polyester fabrics to be employed in conveyor belts.
  • The safety belts that are used in automobiles in order to protect the passengers are often made up of polyester along with other components.
  • Polyester also has applications in the manufacture of coated fabrics.
  • Owing to its insulating properties and its relatively soft texture, polyester is used in the production of cushioning materials for pillows. This material is also used in upholstery padding.
  • It can also be noted that since polyester fabrics are highly resistant to staining, they are ideal for use as tablecloth.
  • Certain types of polyesters are also employed in the manufacture of bottles. Furthermore, certain types of polymers are also employed in the production of tarpaulin.
  • Liquid crystal displays (often referred to as LCDs) are often manufactured with the help of certain polyesters.
  • Polyesters are also used in the manufacture of dielectric films that are used in capacitors.
  • These polymers are also used as film insulation in insulating tapes and some wires.
  • It can be noted that polyesters can be employed as a component for high-quality finishes for certain wood products. Common examples of objects for which polyesters are used as finishes include guitars, interiors, and some pianos.

Other Niche Uses of Polyesters

Owing to the time-dependent shear thinning properties of polyesters (often referred to as the thixotropic properties of polyesters), these polymers are employed for spray-based application on certain open-grain timbers. This is because the spray-based polyester has the ability to rapidly fill up the wood grains, attributing a high-build film thickness with every coating. It can also be noted that certain cured polyesters can be subjected to polishing in order to obtain a glossy and durable finish.

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