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Electronics in Daily Life

Today, all we have to do is, press buttons and the designated machines will do all the hard work for us. A good example to support this statement is the innovation of mobile or cellular phones.  We use them to communicate with other individuals, particularly those who are far from home. But in the past, we used post mail which would take several days for our letter to be received by your recipient. In this article, let us discuss many more innovations such as this that have made our lives easier.

Mobile Phones, iPod and Tablets

When mobile or cellular phones got popularly introduced with the main purpose of providing immediate communication for all users, this technology made a huge leap in just a matter of a few years when iPods and Tablets followed through. Now, through these amazing and sophisticated gadgets, we have limitless access to various forms of media such as watching videos, listening to your favorite music to purchasing products and services.

Digital Sound or Music

Although the invention of radios was a long time ago, the room for improvement never stopped. Today, you can listen to your favorite music through a small handheld device. As compared to the old and traditional cassette tapes containing just a few songs, MP3 or MP4 portable players, smartphones and iPods can store myriads of soundtracks.

Food Industry

We are aware of the fact that without food it is impossible to survive and thrive in this world. In the past, there was a huge issue with the food supply around the world due to the fast-growing rate of the human population. But through the advent of technology, machines were invented where we managed to cope with these rising food demands. These machines are now completely automated requiring less human intervention.

Science and Health

All scientists rely on technology allowing them to perform further research and observation that has never been done before. As for the health industry particularly at the hospital, there are a lot of machines (such as in the operating room) to help doctors and nurses be able to cure health problems.

Electronics have a great scope and without electronic gadgets, our daily lives cannot happen. Technology is advancing quickly in the field of semiconductors and upgraded electronic applications will shape the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is electric current?

The flow of electric charge is referred to as electric current.

What is the SI unit of electric current?

The SI unit of electric current is Ampere (A),

Mobiles operate on which type of current?

Mobiles operate on the direct current.

In which sectors electricity is used?

Electricity is used in the food industry, aerospace, military, healthcare, music and entertainment.

What are the types electrical current?

Types of Electrical Current are:
  • Direct Current (DC)
  • Alternating current (AC)
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