Acetone Formula

Acetone formula (or Propanone) is given here both in organic form and in structural form. To recall, acetone is the smallest and the simplest Ketone which is flammable, colourless and volatile liquid. It is an organic compound and is also known as Propanone. Learn more about acetone, its structure, and properties in the linked article.

Acetone Formula

Both the structural formula and the organic formula of acetone with its structure is given below. The structure will help to understand this compound better and help to understand the organic formula better.

Structural Formula of Acetone (Propanone)

Structural Formula of Acetone

Organic Formula (Chemical Formula) of Acetone

Acetone consists of three carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. It is considered as a ketone since there is a carbonyl group present in it. Thus, the chemical formula for acetone or propanone is written as-

Acetone Chemical Formula = C3H6O

Acetone is mainly used in medicine and in cosmetics. Acetone is present in blood and in urine. Acetone is also an active ingredient in nail polish removers. Visit uses of acetone to learn more about its uses in different sectors.

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