Antifertility Drugs - Its Uses and Effects

In this modern world, the development of antibiotics has lead to a long and healthy life. This has further increased the expectancy of life. The rise in population has caused many issues in terms of food resources, employment, environmental problems etc. To avoid these problems the population growth needs to be controlled. These problems have led to the evolution of the concept of family planning. Family planning helps in taking the right decision about the timing to have a child and maintain a proper age difference between two children. It gives the methods to avoid pregnancy and helps in controlling population and avoiding health risks associated with premature births. Birth control pills were invented as one of the components of family planning. Antifertility drugs are chemical substances which suppress the action of hormones that promote pregnancy. These drugs actually reduce the chances of pregnancy and act as a protection. Antifertility drugs are made up of derivatives of synthetic progesterone or a combination of derivatives of estrogen and progesterone.

Antifertility drugs are actually synthetic hormones. When progesterone pills are taken, the mucus in the cervix gets thickened. This makes it very difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and fertilize the egg and hence chances of pregnancy are reduced. Progesterone is a hormone which suppresses ovulation in women. The synthetic progesterone derivatives are more potent as compared to natural progesterone. Norethindrone is an example of synthetic progesterone which is one of the most commonly used antifertility drugs. Ethynylestradiol is a combination of derivatives of estrogen and progesterone.

Benefits of Antifertility Drugs

These drugs generally do not have many side effects, weight gain is the only issue known to be reported. These drugs are very useful if taken in the proper dose, following are its significant benefits:

  1. They cause no interference in sexual activities and risk of pregnancy is reduced.
  2. They might cause the reduction in menstrual bleeding.
  3. They can be taken immediately after childbirth.

These drugs should not be taken without the consultation of a doctor. The cycle of the medicine should be maintained. The chance of cancer in the uterus is reduced if the pills are taken in long-term dose. They also provide protection against pelvic inflammatory diseases. Progesterone acts as an anti-inflammatory drug and regulates the immune system.

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