Difference Between Aldose And Ketose

Ketose and aldose are monosaccharides which can be differentiated based on the group they contain. An aldose is defined as a monosaccharide whose carbon skeleton has an aldehyde group. They are primarily found in plants. Ketose is a monosaccharide whose carbon skeleton has a ketone group. Only in the presence of reducing sugar, they can isomerize to aldose. They are used in processed food. Examples of ketose are ribulose, fructose, etc. We can perform Seliwanoff’s Test to distinguish between aldose and ketose. By conducting this test, the color of aldose changes to light pink whereas the color of ketose turns into deep cherry red.

Difference Between Aldose And Ketose

Characteristics Aldose Ketose
Group Aldehyde Ketone
Found Primarily in plants In processed food
Isomerization isomerize into ketoses isomerize into aldoses only in the presence of reducing sugar’
Seliwanoff’s Test color Light pink Deep cherry red
Example Glucose, ribose, and galactose Fructose, erythrulose, and ribulose

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