Difference Between Erosion and Corrosion

Here we learn about the main or key differences between erosion and corrosion and further understand what these two processes are all about or what they actually mean. While these words appear to be similar sounding, but they are totally different in terms of the many circumstances. Corrosion generally refers to the destruction of materials through chemical reactions. As for erosion, it is basically the physical phenomenon involving the movement of small fragments of rocks or the topsoil due to the influence of natural forces like gravity, water, wind, etc.

Interestingly, one similar fact about corrosion and erosion is that they both happen due to certain external actions on a surface. While these are very important natural processes that we see and hear about in our everyday lives let us look at the distinct characteristics of each.

Difference Between Erosion and Corrosion
Erosion Corrosion
Erosion is a physical process. Corrosion is a chemical process.
Occurs on the surface of the land. Occurs on the surface of materials like polymers, ceramics or metals.
Natural agents like water, gravity, wind, causes erosion. Corrosive agents such as oxygen, sulfates can cause corrosion.
Erosion involves different processes like transportation, weathering, and dissolution. Corrosion types include pitting, galvanic, crevice, intergranular and selective leaching.
Land reform techniques like terracing or planting trees can prevent erosion. The preventive measure includes applying a protective layer on the surface of the metals.

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