Difference Between Mixture and Solution

Difference Between Mixture and Solution

All of us know that atoms are the fundamental constituents of matter. Atoms of different elements combine to give compounds. These compounds can be put together to form mixtures and solutions. This article will help you to understand the primary differences between mixtures and solutions

Mixture is a combination of two substances. Here the components do not react chemically but are mixed physically. Depending on the type of components, mixtures are classified as homogeneous and heterogeneous. The solution is a type of mixture where two or more components are dissolved i.e, the solute is dissolved in a solvent.

Before diving into the differences, it is important to understand and remember that a solution is a type of mixture but a mixture may or may not be a solution. Now that we know a little about these two concepts, let’s look at some of the key differences between mixture and solution.

Difference Between Mixture and Solution
Mixture Solution
In a mixture, substances are generally just mixed and are not completely dissolved. In a solution, substances are dissolved completely and they cannot be filtered out.
The mixture comprises two or three compounds that aren’t fused chemically. They have no physical interactions. A solution contains two substances that are chemically mixed to form a new compound.
The chemical properties of all substances are retained without change. Chemical properties usually change.
The amount of substances in a mixture can vary and amounts don’t have a fixed ratio. A solution usually has a fixed ratio or amount of substances.
Mixtures can be classified primarily into two groups, namely homogeneous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures. A solution is a type of homogeneous mixture.

These are some of the differences between mixture and solution. To know more about the mixtures and solutions and other chemistry topics you can keep visiting BYJU’s or download our app for interesting content and learning experience.

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