Ethyl Acetate Formula

Ethyl acetate formula is given here along with its structure. Ethyl acetate, also known as ethyl ethanoate is one organic compound and is mainly used as a solvent in different reactions. Ethyl acetate is a colorless and sweet-smelling ester of acetic acid and ethanol. The chemical and structural formula of ethyl ethanoate is mentioned below.

Ethyl Acetate Formula

Ethyl ethanoate is generally abbreviated as EtOAc, EA, or ETAC. It has a molar mass of 88.106 g/mole. The carbonyl group carbon has an sp2 hybridization and the other part of the molecule has a tetrahedral geometry. The chemical formula for ethyl acetate and its structural formula are given below.

Ethyl Ethanoate Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula of Ethyl Acetate


Extended Formula for Ethyl Acetate


Ethyl Ethanoate Structural Formula

Ethyl Ethanoate Structural Formula

Ethyl acetate is highly flammable and generally found in alcoholic drinks like wines. It is also used as a solvent in paints, cellulose, rubber, etc.

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